08, Jul 2019
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How Technology is Changing Marketing Tactics

Published On: 08, Jul, 2019

Do you have a Shopping app on your mobile? Undoubtedly, it’s a big Yes!

This is the new trend. This is where marketing has shifted to a new facet. This is what we will be adapting to.

Ever faced a situation where you felt your world was crumbling down after knowing that the snatchy dress or those sparkly designer heels you’ve always longed for were SOLD OUT?

Thanks to the NEW digital era, even the retail world is going through a massive transformation. Gone are those days when the shopkeepers used to retort, ‘this was the last piece we had in our stock’. Fret not! Consumers can now shop to their hearts’ content ONLINE via a Click! And the stocks are unlimited.

The traditional way of marketing is no more the talk of the town. Things have gone Digital – to a more tech-friendly approach. Even a ‘Click’ makes a whole lot of difference.

With the rapid growth of technology, businesses are coming up with new trends and tactics for a win-win policy. Competitions and demands are constantly brewing. Hence, staying at par with the latest technology is a vital need for survival.

The technology that people use in their daily lives is also changing. To gain a higher engagement ratio, marketers need to grab users’ interests by becoming more advanced. True, marketing used to be about art and copy, but now it’s becoming more technical- programming, code, technology utilization and analytics.

Consider marketing data as a new type of digital storytelling that is woven into the behavior or pattern of your buyer’s journey. Brand stories today are not just narratives, they are your personal experiences. Furthermore, the app technology is not distinct from the content – they are inevitable components of the same customer experience.

Technology is also transforming the way marketers do business, work together and create strategies. Over the past few years, there have been several technological advancements that play a vital role in changing the marketing industry.

We’ve gathered some of the biggest technologies that have made a huge impact:

  • Big Data
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • The Internet of Things
  • Augmented Realty

The technology that’s just being introduced today may become a major game changer in the marketing industry tomorrow. For this reason, it’s crucial for marketers to stay updated on the latest technology trends.


Are you optimizing the marketing technology opportunities for your company? Because at some point, you’d want to expand your customer experiences exponentially.

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