20, Sep 2021
Mobile App Development

Why Should Every Business Invest in a Mobile App?

Published On: 20, Sep, 2021

Modern entrepreneurs understand the importance of embracing digital opportunities. One of the fundamental ways to do so is going multi-channel. To have a strong online presence, one needs to invest in different mediums to increase growth.

A mobile app is one of the most vital tools that keep a customer connected to the brand. The majority of people have smartphones and use them not only for basic connectivity but other things the internet can provide. These can include being updated with the latest news, making cashless payments, ordering goods and services, and much more.

These give you enough reasons to consider incorporating a mobile app for your business. However, we wish to highlight some crucial points to strengthen the concept.

Reasons why entrepreneurs must invest in mobile apps

Here are some reasons why business owners should still consider building a mobile app:

1. Visibility

More than 5 billion people own a mobile phone and the average daily usage is 3 hours and 15 minutes. The fact projects a massive possibility of brand awareness through mobile apps.

Casual scrolling allows brands to stand out because a potential customer can find their ad eye-catchy. For example, while scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, you might find a product advertisement you like. When you click on the ad, it redirects you to either the Play Store or App Store to make you download the app, where you can purchase the product from.

Having a mobile app in the Play Store or App Store can easily give an advantage to your business. As soon as the interested person install your app, they are one step away from ordering the product they liked.

2. Chances to growing customer base

You can have your laptops open for eight hours a day, but one device that is always handy is a smartphone. For example, would you instead open your laptop and order food on an app like Zomato or Swiggy, or would you unlock your phone, open the app, pick a restaurant and add food to the cart?

Mobile apps help increase customer loyalty. People who need your products and services will want a handier way to reach out to you.

Mobile apps also let you take advantage of personalization tools for each app user. You can frequently send them push notifications letting them know about the latest offers and discounts. These leave a better impression than sending emails, which many don’t open and directly move to trash.

3. Customer-friendly and effective

Every business wants its customers to engage with their mobile app to book services or buy their products. Thus, you need to hire a mobile app developer to build a customer-friendly app for your business to meet such goals.

When an expert mobile app developing company helps you build a great app with all features and functionality, you go one step closer to achieving your business goal. If your customer or client finds your app easy to use, you will be on their list of smartphone apps.

The more involved your customer is with their phones, the more efficiently your app will pop-up. This is known as an effective frequency in advertising because it indirectly convinces customers to order from you.

4. Generate sales

Mobile apps can give businesses a direct idea about ROI. Your primary motive to bear mobile app development cost is to reach out to your customers and generate revenue. But the app is not just for the customers; it is equally essential for your team.

The more your mobile app satisfies your customers, it automatically boosts your ROI as well.

When you can improve customer satisfaction, you directly increase your sales too. It is studied that around 70% of buying experiences are influenced by how brands make customers feel.

Final thoughts

In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic forced most businesses to go online. The ones who couldn’t do so failed to survive. As per recent studies, there is no going back to the pre-COVID era, at least in terms of reduced digital influence.

Customer behaviour patterns have changed, and they now prefer to interact virtually. At least 75% of people shifted to using digital channels to live everyday life, and studies suggest they will continue to do so. It is a part of the “new normal”, and businesses need to adapt to it.

In 2021, if businesses do not grow to reach out to their target audience through digital channels, they will lag behind their competitors. Mobile apps have become a necessity for businesses, as they are now a medium to buy, sell, exchange, transfer, order, and much more.